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For homeowners across Port Macquarie, Forster, Coffs Harbour, Taree and Nambucca Heads, installing solar panels and solar systems has become an economical option for reducing rising electricity costs and energy bills.

Always Energy are committed to providing solar installation and solar panel supplies for our local customers that are of the highest quality. We only use the best possible solar materials from leading brands in the industry.

There are three main options for homeowners in the Port Macquarie, Forster, Coffs Harbour, Taree and Nambucca Head regions when it comes to solar energy:

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Residential Projects

solar installers taree

10.15kW All German Package

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10.8kw solar system install

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Solar Power Companies NSW

10kw Canadian Solar system

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Solar Port Macquarie

Off-grid solar systems

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Trusted, local team of guys who are really informative, honest and competitive with their pricing. Thanks team you guys made the whole solar journey so much easier than I thought it would be. 5 stars! ★★★★★

Ron Peirson

Matt was incredibly professional and knowlegable. The price for my system was very competitive and the installation was done quickly and neatly. ★★★★★  

Denise Begnell

Professional and consultative, at a competitive price. Very happy with my solar install from start to finish. 5 stars and highly recommend Always Energy. ★★★★★  

Mellissa Lee

Alexander and the team were very knowledgable and helpful when i was getting my solar system designed and installed. they were fast and reliable and very well priced. Highly recommend them. ★★★★★

Christopher Barnes
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Grid Connect Solar Power

We provide and install high quality, long lasting and cost-efficient grid connect solar power to homes across Port Macquarie, Forster, Coffs Harbour, Taree and Nambucca Heads.

Grid connect solar power is one of the simplest systems for generating solar energy because it uses only two main parts:

  • The solar panels
  • An inverter

Because of this, it’s the cheapest way to lower your electricity bills compared to other solar power solutions. By generating your own electricity, your power bills are reduced, saving you money!

The extra electricity that your grid connect solar system produces can be fed back to the “grid” (main power supply) in exchange for credit on you power bill – thereby saving you additional money.

The size of the system you’ll need depends on how much electricity your house uses during the day. Give our friendly team a call and we’ll help you choose a system that’s right for your needs.


Off Grid Solar Power Solutions

Off Grid Solar Solutions in Port Macquarie, Forster, Coffs Harbour, Taree and Nambucca Heads, is cheaper and more reliable than ever. If you live in a remote area or just want to detach from the grid Always Energy can help!

We design and install the highest quality Off Grid Home Power Systems in NSW using the leading manufacturers in solar systems.

We install the latest lithium batteries with your off grid solar system. The perks of lithium batteries are the greater depth of discharge meaning the less batteries that are required. You can pull more power out of them then most batteries, they have a faster charge time (less generator run time) and you can add new batteries on easily regardless the state of the old batteries.

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Solar Panel Installation NSW


Connected with Solar Power Batteries

Sick of paying expensive power bills?

Always Energy are creating a Solar Batteries revolution in Port Macquarie and it’s affordable for homeowners!

  • Significantly reduce your electricity bill or eliminate it all together!
  • Use your highly efficient solar system to power your house during the day and use the energy stored in your battery for power at night.
  • Battery is not much bigger than a jerry can.
  • SolaX Power Station

Contact Always Energy today and ask our friendly team for a price today. It’s surprisingly affordable! Get a quote today!