Though solar panels do not need direct sunlight to make solar energy, they need direct sunlight for maximum efficiency. It is best if your solar panels receive direct sunlight for at least 4 hours a day. And Port Macquarie affords this advantage by receiving approximately 4.8 hours of peak sunlight per day, making it a great place for both residential and commercial solar power installations.

Roughly around 21% of households in Port Macquarie have already installed rooftop solar panels. Many businesses are also fondly investing in solar for its benefits. So, solar energy is in high demand, and our team has been working on multiple residential and commercial solar installation projects throughout Port Macquarie.

Here are some of our latest solar system installations in Port Macquarie.

1. 6.66 kW Solar Array

Our team designed and installed a 6.66 kW residential solar array on the canals in such a way as to take full advantage of solar energy during the day. The solar energy generated powers the appliances through the highly efficient and smart Sungrow inverters. This system can save approximately $400 per quarter on your electricity bill.

solar installations Port Macquarie

2. 10.15 kW All German Package

Top tier solar system is more affordable than you think. Our team was super excited as we designed and installed a 10.15 kW residential solar system using Longi 350 W solar panel and Fronius inverter for a customer in Port Macquarie. This solar system is designed with two key considerations: considerable savings on power bills and high ROI.

Solar System Coffs Harbour
Solar Installers Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour & Newcastle NSW

3. 13.28 kW Solar Panel Installation

Why pay hefty electricity bills while you can cut down the costs by utilising energy from the freely available sun? Installing solar panels not only reduces the electricity bills but the carbon footprint. At Port Macquarie, our team successfully designed and implemented a highly efficient 13.28 kW rooftop solar panel system to generate the most from the sun.

solar installers Port Macquarie

4. 28.49 kW Commercial Solar Installation

The demand for renewable solar energy is rising as they offer financial stability for businesses. A good solar power system helps businesses to reduce their electricity bills and operating costs. Moreover, it shows your sense of responsibility and concern for nature by reducing your carbon footprint. Recently our team was approached by a commercial facility in Port Macquarie to design an affordable solar panel system to help reduce their electricity bill. We are happy that we designed and completed the installation of a powerful 28.49 kW on their primary location within time and budget.

solar installers port macquarie

5. A Commercial Solar Installation

A large number of businesses are going green in Port Macquarie. Our team recently designed another rooftop solar panel model for a commercial facility in Port Macquarie. Based on their energy requirements and current electricity consumption, we designed and installed a highly efficient and reliable solar panel system using Jinko 440 W monocrystalline solar panels at optimum angles for significant energy production during the day.

solar installers Port Macquarie

Need High-Quality Solar Panel and Solar Battery Installation in Port Macquarie?

We are just one call away. Switching to solar energy reduces your electricity bill and your dependency on the grid as well. Going solar is also great if generating clean power and making our environment sustainable is on your wish list. By helping households and businesses go solar, we are doing our part in promoting better environmental sustainability.

Contact our team at Always Energy to discuss your needs, and we can take care of everything from there. We provide premium residential and commercial solar solutions at affordable costs in Port Macquarie.