Energy bills savings calculator

Energy bills savings calculator

2017 was a record year for rooftop solar. The average system size continued to grow as more commercial-sized systems were installed for small and medium-sized businesses. While this meant fewer systems installed overall, the total capacity installed (more than 1.1 GW) was an Australian record for a calendar year.

In the medium-scale sector, installations of between 100 kW and 5 MW increased significantly in 2017, with 131 medium-scale solar projects commissioned adding 53 MW of new capacity. There is now 167 MW of cumulative capacity in the medium-scale sector, representing an increase of more than 500 per cent over the past five years.

The rapid growth has been driven by a significant rise in electricity prices, which has forced an increasing number of businesses to look to solar power to offset their rising costs.

Australia is one of the sunniest continents in the world. Given a stable policy environment, there is massive potential for solar PV to make a significant contribution to electricity generation in Australia over the coming decades.

Besides all the environmental benefits that this brings, plus the savings on your monthly bills for power consumption, it’s easy to see why so many people have made the leap over.So if you’ve decided to join fiscally-savvy and eco-friendly homeowners across the US, there are a few tips to help you choose the right system and capacity for your home…First of all, let’s assess what is the current power consumption for your home and which solar panel set will fit your situation the best.