A solar battery system allows you to take full advantage of the solar energy produced by your rooftop solar panels. Having a backup solar battery bank makes you self-sufficient, reduces your carbon output and saves you from soaring power bills, especially during peak periods.

So How Does a Solar Battery Work?

Typically, in a solar power system, the solar panels generate and supply power to your appliances during the day. And it exports the excess energy generated during the day to the grid.

When there is a shortfall, usually during early mornings, evenings, nights and in cloudy weather, energy is imported from the grid with the help of an inverter to meet the energy requirements. Moreover, whenever there is a grid blackout, the inverter turns off, and most home solar power systems also shut down.

But by installing a solar battery to your existing solar power system or a new solar panel and solar battery system together, you eliminate the need for importing electricity from the grid. The right solar power system with enough solar batteries makes you less dependent on the grid by preventing importing electricity from the grid.

So, let’s see how a solar battery actually works. If you have solar batteries, the excess energy generated during the day is not fed into the grid but is used to charge the solar battery. Some solar batteries can also charge from the grid during off-peak times, typically overnight (when electricity prices are the cheapest).

The solar batteries then store the surplus energy produced by the solar panels for later use. This energy is also used whenever there is a surplus need for energy at home, more than the energy generated from your solar panels. Thus, solar battery bank systems can power your household appliances without importing power from the grid. Lithium-ion batteries are the best solar batteries available on the market today. They have a longer lifespan, occupy less space and are easy to maintain.

What Happens When Solar Batteries Are Full?

You may wonder what happens when the solar batteries are in full charge because a constantly overcharged system affects the battery life. Not to worry, when the batteries become fully charged up, the excess energy is fed back to the grid.

And in the case of off-grid solar systems, you have battery monitoring systems and charge controllers that protect the batteries by redirecting and managing the energy flow. Some batteries and inverters also have displays that indicate the battery status. However, if your batteries become regularly full, you may need to purchase additional batteries for storage, or an accredited solar installer will be able to help you with that.

How To Use Solar Batteries Effectively?

Many households have typical energy consumption during evenings and nights. With a bigger battery bank system, you could efficiently manage all your energy needs without relying on the grid.

One way to effectively use solar batteries is by running appliances with large electrical loads, such as washing machines, dishwashers, and hot water service, during the day instead of at night. This prevents solar batteries from depleting completely and improves their life.

Having the right system is crucial to make the most use of your solar batteries and solar panel system. With the advancements in solar technology, we have various solar energy storage options available today.

Contact our expert team of solar installers at Always Energy for more assistance and solar installations in Port Macquarie, Newcastle, Nambucca Heads, Taree, and Coffs Harbour areas of NSW.

Solar batteries store power generated from the solar panels— and use them to power appliances during blackouts, at night or when the sun is not shining. Installing the right solar battery to your solar power system help reduce power bills and grid dependency. So, here’s what you need to look for when choosing a solar battery.

1. Battery Size

Solar batteries are available in a range of sizes. A solar battery’s size determines its capacity and how long the battery can hold power. It is typically expressed in kWh.

Choosing the right size is critical as both undersized and oversized solar battery systems can affect the overall performance and lifespan of the solar power system. That’s why reaching out to an accredited solar installer is crucial for solar battery installations.

An accredited solar installer will choose an appropriate solar battery size and the number of batteries you need for your solar power system, depending on your energy requirements. For a better understanding, here is an easy example. If your energy consumption is approximately 1kW per hour, a 10kW solar battery may last around 9 to 12 hours.

2. Energy Capacity

A solar battery’s energy capacity is the amount of energy the battery can store and supply to your appliances when in need. It is measured in kWh. The higher the energy capacity, the higher the size of the battery, which means it can hold power for a long time. Today most solar battery systems deliver a continuous power output of 5kW.

3. Power Rating

The power rating of a solar battery indicates how many kilowatts (kW) of power the battery can deliver at once. To be precise, it tells you how many appliances your solar battery can power at once and which those appliances are. Solar batteries also come with two different power ratings: a continuous power rating and a 5-minute or instantaneous power rating.

The instantaneous power rating indicates the amount of power (usually large power) delivered in short bursts. It is suitable for appliances that require a large amount of power to turn on and then run on lower power.

4. Roundtrip Efficiency

Roundtrip efficiency is the percentage of electricity put into storage that is used later. In other words, the roundtrip efficiency of a solar battery tells you how many units of electricity you get from a battery for every unit of electricity you put into it. And this is associated with loss. It’s because no battery is 100% efficient, and there is always going to be some loss. The higher the roundtrip efficiency, the more efficient the solar power system and the less energy lost during storage. So, you need to choose a solar battery with the highest roundtrip efficiency. Typically, an 80% roundtrip efficiency is expected in solar energy storage systems.

5. Battery Lifetime

Never ignore to check for the battery lifetime. Battery lifetime means how long the battery can last, often measured in terms of expected years of operation, expected throughput and expected cycles. For instance, solar lithium-ion batteries have a long lifespan of 15-20 years with a super high cycle life compared to lead-acid batteries. Lithium-ion batteries also do not require frequent maintenance and replacements.

6. Safety

There are many safety standards a solar battery must meet to be certified for installation at home or business. So, you must check if the solar battery you are looking for meets all the safety standards. At Always Energy, we provide only the best solar battery and solar panel systems that meet all the safety standards and ensure high performance.

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Though solar panels do not need direct sunlight to make solar energy, they need direct sunlight for maximum efficiency. It is best if your solar panels receive direct sunlight for at least 4 hours a day. And Port Macquarie affords this advantage by receiving approximately 4.8 hours of peak sunlight per day, making it a great place for both residential and commercial solar power installations.

Roughly around 21% of households in Port Macquarie have already installed rooftop solar panels. Many businesses are also fondly investing in solar for its benefits. So, solar energy is in high demand, and our team has been working on multiple residential and commercial solar installation projects throughout Port Macquarie.

Here are some of our latest solar system installations in Port Macquarie.

1. 6.66 kW Solar Array

Our team designed and installed a 6.66 kW residential solar array on the canals in such a way as to take full advantage of solar energy during the day. The solar energy generated powers the appliances through the highly efficient and smart Sungrow inverters. This system can save approximately $400 per quarter on your electricity bill.

solar installations Port Macquarie

2. 10.15 kW All German Package

Top tier solar system is more affordable than you think. Our team was super excited as we designed and installed a 10.15 kW residential solar system using Longi 350 W solar panel and Fronius inverter for a customer in Port Macquarie. This solar system is designed with two key considerations: considerable savings on power bills and high ROI.

Solar System Coffs Harbour
Solar Installers Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour & Newcastle NSW

3. 13.28 kW Solar Panel Installation

Why pay hefty electricity bills while you can cut down the costs by utilising energy from the freely available sun? Installing solar panels not only reduces the electricity bills but the carbon footprint. At Port Macquarie, our team successfully designed and implemented a highly efficient 13.28 kW rooftop solar panel system to generate the most from the sun.

solar installers Port Macquarie

4. 28.49 kW Commercial Solar Installation

The demand for renewable solar energy is rising as they offer financial stability for businesses. A good solar power system helps businesses to reduce their electricity bills and operating costs. Moreover, it shows your sense of responsibility and concern for nature by reducing your carbon footprint. Recently our team was approached by a commercial facility in Port Macquarie to design an affordable solar panel system to help reduce their electricity bill. We are happy that we designed and completed the installation of a powerful 28.49 kW on their primary location within time and budget.

solar installers port macquarie

5. A Commercial Solar Installation

A large number of businesses are going green in Port Macquarie. Our team recently designed another rooftop solar panel model for a commercial facility in Port Macquarie. Based on their energy requirements and current electricity consumption, we designed and installed a highly efficient and reliable solar panel system using Jinko 440 W monocrystalline solar panels at optimum angles for significant energy production during the day.

solar installers Port Macquarie

Need High-Quality Solar Panel and Solar Battery Installation in Port Macquarie?

We are just one call away. Switching to solar energy reduces your electricity bill and your dependency on the grid as well. Going solar is also great if generating clean power and making our environment sustainable is on your wish list. By helping households and businesses go solar, we are doing our part in promoting better environmental sustainability.

Contact our team at Always Energy to discuss your needs, and we can take care of everything from there. We provide premium residential and commercial solar solutions at affordable costs in Port Macquarie.


Solar power is a rewarding long-term investment for businesses. Businesses, no matter the size – big, medium, or small, can save considerable money by reducing electricity bills with solar energy.

Commercial solar energy systems are available in various capacities and can be custom designed to suit individual energy needs. However, the most common commercial solar system sizes are 20 kW, 30 kW, 50 kW and 100 kW.

In NSW, a kW solar energy system would produce 4 kWh of electricity a day on average. Assuming you are a medium-sized business, by installing a 30 kW solar panel system, you can generate approximately 120 kWh a day, making you self-sufficient for your daytime business operations. If you need one, our team can help you.

Here are some of our recent commercial solar panel installations in and around Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Newcastle, Taree, Nambucca Heads, and Forster regions of NSW.

1. 25.2 kW Roof-Mounted Commercial Solar System, Port Macquarie

A local facility in Port Macquarie approached our team to help them reduce their energy expenses and carbon footprint. Our team proceeded with a detailed discussion with them on their current electricity expenses and how much they would want to save with a new solar panel system. After discussing and assessing the site, our team designed a 25.2 kW rooftop solar system based on their requirements and installed it in just 1.5 days.

solar installation port macquarie, solar panels port macquarie

2. 20 kW Solar Installation

Here is another commercial solar energy project that our team undertook in Port Macquarie. We designed and installed a 20 kW solar system based on their electricity requirement. With reliable and high-quality solar panel and battery systems, businesses can benefit from reduced power bills and even become fully self-sustainable without depending on the grid. Our team is ever ready to help businesses become self-sustaining with affordable premium solar panel solutions.

Commercial Solar Power Port Macquarie NSW

3. Commercial Solar Installation for a Newly Built Commercial Building

Considering the enormous benefits of solar energy for businesses, more and more new businesses, including new commercial buildings, are going green by planning and integrating solar panels. Here at Always Energy, our team recently installed a highly efficient solar system at a newly built commercial building. We assessed the site and came up with a unique design to meet the electricity needs of the building.

solar power port macquarie


4. 10.8 kW Commercial Solar, Taree

Our team was super excited to do a solar installation for Dicko’s sheet metal business in the Taree region of NSW.  After having a clear discussion about their requirements, our team designed and installed a highly efficient 10.8 kW solar power system. This design will meet most of their electricity needs and enable them to cut down their electricity bills.

solar installers port macquarie

5. 13.2 kW Commercial Solar Installation, Coffs Harbour

Our team of highly qualified solar installers and technicians recently installed a 13.2 kW solar system for a manufacturing company in Coffs Harbour, NSW.  We designed the system with premium quality solar panels and an SMA inverter to meet their energy needs.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation From the Team of Best Solar Installers in NSW

Free electricity for businesses! Isn’t that great? Solar panel systems pay for themselves within a few years so that you enjoy the benefit of free solar energy at full potential for the next couple of years.

With attractive solar rebates and incentives, commercial solar power has never been more affordable in Australia. If you are a business looking to go green and save on your hefty electricity bills, now is the best time. All you need to do is just reach out to an expert solar installation team near you.

Contact our team of expert solar installers and technicians at Always Energy for high-quality solar panels and solar battery installations for your business in NSW.