Solar power is considered one of the most significant NSW investments because of a feed-in tariff incentive across the state. The prices of the solar systems vary from state to state, and gradually the price is reducing.

Ever since the decrease in price, retail electricity prices have increased as well. However, with non-renewable services becoming limited, it is becoming essential for businesses to switch to renewable energy. What could be better for a home or business than solar energy?

If you are looking for a cost-effective measure to counter the high electricity prices, you might want to switch to solar power. You can install a rooftop solar power plant to keep up with the charges. NSW businesses and homes are switching to solar power for extra benefits.

The most popular system

The solar panels in Nambucca Heads, Port Macquarie and Newcastle can play an important role in saving money. Furthermore, these solar panels have been designed to fulfil the needs of locals.

Out of the different solar panels, 3KW and 5KW are the most popular ones.

5KW Solar System

The 5K solar system is one of the most effective ones. They are extremely popular in NSW. This solar system is the most ideal for you if you have a big family of up to 5 members.

If you are tired of paying large electricity bills, you might want to install the 5KW solar system in your house. These solar systems are one of the most popular methods of reducing electricity bills. Although a significant investment, the installation of this solar system can prove to be effective in the long run.

You can easily analyse how much you can save using the 5KW solar system. How much you’d be able to save completely depends on the buildings, trees and daylight hours. On an average basis, the daily electricity-producing capacity of the solar system is 20kwh electricity.

The installation of solar panels in Nambucca Heads, Port Macquarie, Newcastle and surrounding areas of NSW can play an important role in saving money.

3kW Solar System

Yet another popular solar system is the 3kW. You can always switch to solar panels, but it is necessary to understand which one would best suit you. As a result, you need to choose the right system.

The 3kW solar systems are extremely cost-effective and can help to fit to your requirements. The 3kW solar system is ideal for a small family of around four members.

3kW solar systems can produce up to 13 units of electricity each day. However, an Australian household needs around 13 units of electricity per day.

2kW solar system

The 2kW solar system will rarely be able to produce 2kWh electricity within an hour. The capacity of the production of energy would further vary upon the weather. You can expect a loss of 10% of solar on an average basis during the perfect weather.

A 2kW solar system, on an average basis, can efficiently produce around 1.7 to 1.8 kW electricity. The solar panels can get heated from 40 degrees to 90 degrees which completely depends on the season. Hence, it is necessary to use the top-quality sheets with strong sealants.

How much can you save?

The amount you save from the installation of solar systems would depend on different factors. These include:


If the panels are located where they can get a lot of sunlight, they will produce more energy, thereby saving a significant sum of money.


Depending on the quality and size of the system, the results will vary. Better qualities one yield higher results.

Do you want to install a new solar system? It’s important to consider and understand which system will assist you in truly reducing, if not eliminating, those energy bills! Contact Always Energy for calculations on how you can save with solar energy.

As a small business, you will need to consider many expenses such as licensing, wages, stock purchases, marketing, and power bills. These expenses will keep rising but having solar panels can be beneficial for your small commercial business.

What are the benefits of solar energy for small businesses?

As small businesses, installing a solar power panel can help to reduce unnecessary costs. But that’s not all. Some of the main benefits of installing solar power panels in Newcastle, Port Macquarie and nearby areas include the following:

1. Cost reduction

One of the main benefits of installing solar power panels is that they will reduce monthly electricity bills. However, the cost reduction due to these panels will depend on the industry, time of activity, location, and size of the facility.

2. Sustainable

In today’s time, sustainability is a fundamental concept for businesses. Apart from reducing electricity costs, solar energy panels help companies switch from non-renewable sources to renewable sources to produce energy.

Becoming “green” can contribute to increasing the appeal of your business. Several small businesses around the world are shifting to the installation of solar power panels for their business. As a result, you can also comply with the regulations of local and state governments.

3. Reduces business’ carbon footprint

Irrespective of your business field, it can be one of the most significant contributors to pollution. It would help if you opted to install solar power panels as they help reduce the carbon footprint, thereby contributing to a green environment.

What are the types of solar systems?

The type of solar system you will need for your Newcastle, Port Macquarie or Sydney business depends on the size of the business’ premises, the hours of operation and the level of energy your business consumes daily.

1. 10.8kW Commercial Installation

If you have a limited budget with a small facility, the 10.8kW commercial installation can benefit your small business.

2. 15kW solar panel system

The 15kW solar panel system is extremely convenient for businesses. Moreover, depending on your requirements, these can be upgraded as well to meet the business requirements. The system consists of a high-quality tier 1 solar panel along with a 15kW solar inverter.

3. 20kW solar panel system

The 20kW solar panel system comes with a 20kW solar inverter. Several businesses across Newcastle and nearby areas choose 20kW solar panel systems. This is due to the reliability, the sharp decrease in energy bills and the ability to sustain the heavy demands of a commercial premises.

4. 30kW solar panel system

These are made up of a combination of 30kW solar panels and a tier 1 module. These panels offer a guarantee of 25 years along with linear support.

Steps to implement commercial solar for business

The commercial solar energy solution can be extremely beneficial for your small business. However, some of the considerations are the following

  • You should know your business sustainability and financial goals. To go green, you need to install a system that can fit your organisation.
  • Always hire a renowned solar installer around you to suit your project value.
  • Know how much you’ve consumed in the past six months to find an effective solution and determine the type of solar panels for your business.

Choosing a solar system to suit your business can be complex and often confusing. Speak with the experts in Commercial Solar at Always Energy to get the best advice on the savings you’ll expect based on the best solar system for your property.

Hiring the best solar installer can be an intimidating process due to the complexity of solar technology. So, if you are about to install a solar power system, it is highly likely that you might not know everything you need to know. That is why you need the best team in assisting and helping you understand the products and mechanisms of solar power.

There are many solar retailers with good experience and knowledge in Port Macquarie, NSW. But they may not necessarily be an approved solar installer. So, you should know what an approved solar retailer is and its benefits.

What is an Approved Solar Retailer?

A solar retailer must have thorough knowledge and experience in installing a solar power system. Solar power installation is an elaborate process. It involves various components to work smoothly without interruption. Inevitably, this demands an approved solar retailer.

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) is the peak body that regulates the code of conduct for solar retailers. An approved solar retailer follows the code of conduct from the Clean Energy Council. The CEC ensures that the approved retailers provide quality service to residents and businesses across Port Macquarie, NSW. They also make sure to maintain Industrial standards and regulations. If any solar retailer fails to keep up the code of conduct, the CEC takes necessary actions against the retailer. Hence, with an approved solar retailer, you can be assured that you are in safe hands.  Therefore, your solar retailer must be an approved solar installer to ensure expertise in the sector.

An accredited solar installer or designer must be qualified by the Clean Energy Council. The CEC regulates the accreditation for solar installers, regulators, and designers in Australia. In this way, you can be guaranteed quality service and trust in installing solar power.

Tips To Keep in Mind

There are certain factors you should consider when hiring a solar energy installer in Port Macquarie, NSW:

  • Get as many quotes as possible. Approved solar installers do not push you for sales. They evaluate your needs as per the feasibility and offer the best quotes possible. So, get everything covered from the proposed design and the components to the power generation.
  • Have a complete understanding of the warranty. Approved solar installers offer full responsibility for solar power and battery installation. It also includes a warranty for components and craftsmanship.
  • Do not miss out on the Government funding schemes. An approved retailer will keep you well informed on the government incentives and rebates.
  • Solar power installation is an extensive process requiring knowledge and experience. Your solar provider must be able to respond to you for any issues after installation. So, look for the track record and reviews of your solar power installer to see what their after-care service is like.

If you are looking for a local solar energy installer in Port Macquarie, Always Energy is happy to help you. With expertise in solar installation, our team provides the best solar and battery installation to all types of properties. Contact us to get a free quote!