If you’re located in Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas and you’re thinking of installing solar energy in your home, then you’re probably wondering if your home is suitable for solar power and if solar panels can be added to your home.

Always Energy have customers from all over NSW, including the Nambucca Heads, Forster, Taree, Coffs Harbour, Newcastle, and Hunter Valley areas who are more eligible and suitable for solar power than they think.

Some things to consider include the local climate, your home’s exterior roofing and the trees that cause shading on your roof. Here’s a guide to discovering if you can connect with solar on your property in Port Macquarie and neighbouring regions in NSW.

Your Areas Climate

The climate in your particular area plays a big factor in whether your home is appropriate to utilise the power of solar energy. Lucky for us in Australia there is plenty of sunshine to keep your home powered all year round.

As there is approximately 7–8 hours of sunlight a day in Australia, this meets the requirements of providing enough solar energy to power most homes across Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour NSW.

You’ll find in Spring and Summer that you generate and store even more solar power, but you’ll also get enough sun in the Winters to meet the needs of most home owners.

Your Home’s Roof

Another factor you’ll need to consider when choosing solar energy in Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, NSW, is the angle of your home’s roof. The size of the roof plays a part too and the type of roof that you have installed on your home.

In Australia, your panels should be angled at 10-20 degrees, and so if your roof is not at the correct angle or you have a flat roof then you will need to consider mounted brackets placed under the solar panels to get the right angle.

North facing roof tops are the most effective for the Australian sun but there’s no need to worry if your roof top is East or West as Always Energy’s expert installers have solutions to fit with everyone.

If your home’s roof is not suitable for solar panels, then there’s always the option of ground mounted solar panels which are just as effective, and sometimes more so as they can be placed in the optimum positioning to get the most effective results for your solar power system.

Shaded Areas

If you have large trees or neighbouring houses casting shadows over your roof then this can impact the suitability for solar panels to be installed on your roof.

Always Energy’s expert team will assess your home’s shaded areas and suggest the best solutions for where you can place your solar panels in the less shaded areas.

Alternatively, you may utilise ground mounted solar panels to get the best position on your property’s block to maintain the highest volume of sun.

Strength of Your Roof

When it comes to solar panels and mounted brackets, the weight is approximately 20 kilograms per square metre. Most roofs will be strong enough to carry this type of weight. It is rarely a problem that we encounter homes with a roof that isn’t strong enough to house the solar panels required for Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour homes.

However, Always Energy’s expert team will perform a full assessment of your roof and its strength to ensure that your home is suitable for solar panel installation.

All Your Questions Answered

If you’re still unsure if your property is suitable for solar power then contact the solar specialists at Always Energy.
We’ll provide a free quote and inspection of your property to thoroughly determine if your home can reap the benefits of solar energy and solar panels. Contact us today on 1300 101 600.

There are three options when it comes to solar power for homes and businesses across Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas. These include Off Grid Solar Power, Grid Connect Solar Energy and Connected with Batteries.

There are advantages to using each solar system option and some are more suitable to certain properties than others. Here’s all you need to know about the solar power systems available for your region in NSW and about choosing the best system for your home or business.

What Is Grid Connect?

Grid Connect includes the use of solar panels and an inverter. It’s the cheapest way to get solar to your home and saves you the most money on your electricity bills. It’s also the most popular and common form of solar power for residents in built-up areas.

The premise behind Grid Connect Solar Power is that the inverter feeds power directly to the home and back through to the electricity grid system. It is in this way that you save money on your household electricity bills as the power stored on the grid can be utilised for credit or a payment for the electricity you have generated.

As you are generating your own power through your solar panels, you don’t rely on the grid for all of your power. This is where your power bills can be eliminated altogether depending on your power needs.

What Is Off Grid?

Off Grid can be great for more remote homes or if you want to live off the grid. Always Energy utilise the highest quality lithium batteries for your off grid solar system, which means you have a greater depth of discharge.

Off Grid is essentially a stand-alone unit which is then connected to the electricity grid system. It’s perfect for homes where connecting directly to the grid is not possible. This happens in remote and isolated properties across NSW.

So, if your home is secluded, it doesn’t mean you miss out on the benefits of solar energy. Contact the team at Always Energy to find out about our Off Grid Solar Solutions.

What Is Connected With batteries?

If you’re looking for a cost effective way to save on your energy bills then Connected with Solar Power Batteries is a great choice. The battery is not much bigger than a jerry can but has the ability to power your entire home.

Through the use of solar panels feeding power to the battery, you’ll store power during the day for your home to utilise in the evenings. Solar Power Batteries allow you to store the power in the battery, rather than feeding it back into the grid which makes your household less reliant on the grid’s power.

Why Choose Solar?

There are a range of benefits to getting solar power and solar panels installed in your home or for solar installation for a business.

These include the lower greenhouse emissions your home will produce, meaning you have a lower carbon foot print on the environment. You’ll also see your energy bills substantially decrease and in many instances, your energy bills will disappear altogether.

Saving money is one of the biggest draw cards for residents in the Port Macquarie and surrounding areas and it’s no wonder. With energy costs on the rise in NSW and Australia, everyone is looking for alternative options and the popularity of solar energy has increased. You can even receive rebates for solar you store on the grid – saving you even more money!

Find Out More

The expert team at Always Energy will listen to your requirements for solar energy, calculate your expected energy usage and assess your property for the best option to suit your energy needs. This will ensure you get the perfect solar system for your requirements and your unique property – whether it’s a home or business.

Contact the team on 1300 101 600 for a free quote on your solar energy system. We service Port Macquarie, Nambucca Heads, Taree, Forster, Coffs Harbour, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Maitland, and all surrounding regions. Call today!

Solar power installation has been popular in houses for decades now, and there are just as many benefits for business owners as home owners. Solar power can cut down your electricity bill alarmingly, particularly if you are using power at your workplace in peak times. Businesses, unlike households, tend to use most of their electricity between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. Along with the long hours of sunlight in New South Wales, this makes businesses in Port Macquarie, Nambucca Heads, Forster, Coffs Harbour, Newcastle and surrounding areas ideal candidates for solar power.

Solar enhances the green footprint of your building and benefits the staff and client’s health wise as well as protecting the greater environment. There are huge benefits of having solar installed at your business. Here are some of the main ones.

Government Incentives

There are many government incentives for businesses that install solar panels, including rebates and tax incentives. You can save on upfront installation costs and then quickly recoup your costs in electricity savings. If you have an ABN for your business, there are presently many long term cost savings.
There are many cost savings. The bottom line is, if your business can afford to pay its electricity bill, it can afford the cost of solar energy.

Commitment to the Environment

Staff, clients, and managers are shown that your business is innovative when you install solar, and that you are committed to sustainability. You are demonstrating responsibility to not only those in your building but also the wider local community. Your input to the green footprint demonstrates your commitment to a greener planet.
Green house gases and carbon footprint is reduced when you use the sun for your power by using solar panels.

Solar is Sustenance

Solar panels provide a way to generate and manage energy for powering appliances and gadgets throughout your workplace. There are various types and sizes of solar panel systems, ranging from 10 kw through to 100kw to off-set your businesses’ electricity bill.

Low Maintenance

Solar panels are low maintenance. Once solar installers install your solar system there is little maintenance to do. There will be a build up of rain, dirt and grime on your panels, and we recommend that you have our solar specialists thoroughly inspect them every six months and clean them of build up if necessary. Ask our team at Always Energy about this service.

Electricity Bills are Reduced

The costs of electricity continue to rise, and this trend is forecast to continue in the future. Solar installation enables you to monitor and manage the cost of your power bills. The energy is derived directly by the sun which is free!

Having reduced power bills allows your business to monitor their costs and finances, and better adhere to budgets and financial forecasts. Planning future costs is easier.
If your business has excess power generated by the solar panels, it can be sold back to the grid, leaving you with a profit.

Your Business Property Increases in Value

Your business or commercial property will increase in value when you have commercial solar installation in Port Macquarie areas. It will be more saleable if you decide to sell and have solar installed will increase your business asset base immediately.

Solar installation should be done by the experts. Your solar company should be fully accredited and registered. Always Energy’s staff are fully certified, and knowledgeable about quality solar products, installation and the best type of systems for your building’s type and size.

To find out more about how you can save money on electricity in your business in Port Macquarie, Forster, Coffs Harbour, Taree, Nambucca Heads, Newcastle, Maitland, Hunter Valley and surrounding areas call us on 1300 101 600 or contact us online. Our team can customise a solar installation system to suit your business’s needs.